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Client Testimonial: Love Kuching Project

Webhosting CS if by far the best web professional I have ever worked with. He approached our non-profit animal welfare group, Love Kuching Project, to offer his services as a web professional pro bono. The turnaround time he took to create, design and upload the website to ‘live’ status was so efficient, and a great job done too! I will definitely recommend Webhosting CS services to all who are searching for a reliable, efficient web professional that exceeds client expectations.

– Elaine Chiam of by The Water Dish

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Client Testimonial: Transfer Factor Indonesia

We are VERY SATISFIED webhosting customer!

First time I know about they service is from sgadonline. That time I need somebody to make my business supporting website. When I see the banner they put very reasonable price, quite cheap Infact. We arrange a meeting discuss what we want and give the material that they need. First time I affraid cause the web we want to design is in indonesian language. But really in few days our worried vanished when we see our website done very fast and done very well also.

Even we can see they really serious to make customer satified, they learn some bahasa Indonesia so we quite surprise that they translate some bahasa Indonesia from english. You all can check to see what work that they have done. And they also very responsive to our need for after sales service.

Thank you Webhosting wishing you all success and luck in the future.


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Client Testimonial:

I am glad I engaged WebhostingCS’s service as they were very professional, accommodating and reliable. I like their positive working attitude. It was reassuring and I did not have to worry about my site. I just provided them the info they needed and they were able to deliver the product the way I wanted. I must say, I am a truly satisfied customer. Thumbs up to WebhostingCS team.Cheerios!

Lynn Hwang (Founder and Education Officer for Art)


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