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SSL and WHMCS v 5.1.3

We’ve just updated our WHMCS (portal) to the latest version 5.1.3 and SSL.

Here in WebhostingCS we make sure your security is our utmost concern so you’ll have the peace of mind while we take care of the rest.

For any technical support or enquiries email us at [email protected]

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Portal Updated to V4.5 (stable) and Peer Support Forum

We have updated our portal to version 4.5 (stable). For better client service!

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Portal Updated to 4.4.2 (stable)

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Client Portal Upgrade

We have just upgraded our Client Portal to give you a much better service. Below are improvements we have made.

Ajax Order Form Enhancements

  • Implemented stock control support to prevent orders when out of stock
  • Added support for domain addons
  • Added additional domain fields requests on new registrations
  • Added custom client field support
  • Added support for security question setting at signup
  • Added support for ordering hidden products
  • Added support for passing promotion code via the url
  • Fixed domain transfer option showing even when disabled in config
  • Fixed translation issue where Years word was hardcoded
  • Fixed bug which caused custom field values to not be saved on some occasions
  • Fixed bug allowing double user creation if user clicked checkout more than once

Bug Fixes

  • Quote PDF was displaying name/address entity encoded when linked to an existing client
  • Automated product setup was sending Automatic Setup Successful email template on failure
  • Fixed amount promo codes when applied to products costing less than the discount were creating a negative invoice
  • Insert merge field shortcuts were not working with new TinyMCE version
  • Admin order confirmation email was not using system date format
  • EPP Codes containing a comma were not being handled correctlyAdditional page was being shown in admin area results lists when number of results matched exactly record display limit
  • VirtualMin module was not always detecting disk/bw usage units correctly
  • Disk/bandwidth overage billing invoices were always displaying dates in UK date format
  • Config options not handling system|friendly name format properly in quantity validation error messages
  • Client area not showing active product options when a foreign language was selected
  • Admin change package button wasn’t working and suspension email was being sent regardless of checkbox selection
  • Product order process was not using addon weighting to determine display order for addons
  • Downloads were not displaying download filesize
  • Duplicate client email address feedback in admin profile area wasn’t working for all languages
  • Announcements template in default set was using an incorrect merge field name for twitter link

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WordPress 3.0.3 Released : Important to Upgrade Immediately

For anyone running versions of WordPress lower than 3.0.2, we highly recommend at this point that you upgrade, as versions lower than 3.0.2 contain security flaws that could lead to exploitation of your WordPress blog :

Most of the WordPress updates are very easy, and if you are least running a version of 2.7.x or higher you should see an update link in your dashboard to automatically update this. Keep in mind some plugins you’re using may or may not be compatible with the new version, so it’s always important to take backups of both your WordPress MySQL database as well as your public_html directory or subdirectory that WordPress is installed in before making any major changes like an upgrade.

If you have any questions about upgrading WordPress they have excellent documentation at and if you are still unsure, please don’t hesitate to contact support at [email protected]

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