Client Portal Upgrade

We have just upgraded our Client Portal to give you a much better service. Below are improvements we have made.

Ajax Order Form Enhancements

  • Implemented stock control support to prevent orders when out of stock
  • Added support for domain addons
  • Added additional domain fields requests on new registrations
  • Added custom client field support
  • Added support for security question setting at signup
  • Added support for ordering hidden products
  • Added support for passing promotion code via the url
  • Fixed domain transfer option showing even when disabled in config
  • Fixed translation issue where Years word was hardcoded
  • Fixed bug which caused custom field values to not be saved on some occasions
  • Fixed bug allowing double user creation if user clicked checkout more than once

Bug Fixes

  • Quote PDF was displaying name/address entity encoded when linked to an existing client
  • Automated product setup was sending Automatic Setup Successful email template on failure
  • Fixed amount promo codes when applied to products costing less than the discount were creating a negative invoice
  • Insert merge field shortcuts were not working with new TinyMCE version
  • Admin order confirmation email was not using system date format
  • EPP Codes containing a comma were not being handled correctlyAdditional page was being shown in admin area results lists when number of results matched exactly record display limit
  • VirtualMin module was not always detecting disk/bw usage units correctly
  • Disk/bandwidth overage billing invoices were always displaying dates in UK date format
  • Config options not handling system|friendly name format properly in quantity validation error messages
  • Client area not showing active product options when a foreign language was selected
  • Admin change package button wasn’t working and suspension email was being sent regardless of checkbox selection
  • Product order process was not using addon weighting to determine display order for addons
  • Downloads were not displaying download filesize
  • Duplicate client email address feedback in admin profile area wasn’t working for all languages
  • Announcements template in default set was using an incorrect merge field name for twitter link

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