Client Testimonial: Love Kuching Project

Webhosting CS if by far the best web professional I have ever worked with. He approached our non-profit animal welfare group, Love Kuching Project, to offer his services as a web professional pro bono. The turnaround time he took to create, design and upload the website to ‘live’ status was so efficient, and a great job done too! I will definitely recommend Webhosting CS services to all who are searching for a reliable, efficient web professional that exceeds client expectations.

– Elaine Chiam of by The Water Dish

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Sponsor Website & Web Hosting

We’re giving it back to the community. We have sponsored a website and web hosting… Love Kuching Project!

The 4 main tenets of our work in Love Kuching Project by The Water Dish and our 4 main fund-raising needs.

About Love Kuching Project
We used to be named Ubi Kuching Project. In May 2010 we partnered with corporate sponsor The Water Dish and are now known as Love Kuching Project by The Water Dish. We are a group of residents in the estate of Ubi, Singapore that banded together to promote the following:

1. Responsible pet ownership
2. Stray cat management through sterilisation
3. Rescue of animals in need such as the sick, orphaned or abandoned
4. Pet adoption

visit there website:

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