Dedicated Server or Shared Web Hosting?

Most of the questions we encounter here in WebhostingCS from our clients is “Should I get a Dedicated Server? or Shared Web Hosting?

Well, I will explain from here what is the difference between a Dedicated Server and a Shared Web Hosting.

Dedicated Server is from its word “Dedicated” meaning the entire server is only yours, the CPU usage, memory, disk space and a allotted bandwidth.

While a Shared Web Hosting is the entire server is divided among numbers of users, so the memory, disk space, etc… is divided on users depending on the web hosting provider.

Its like renting a house, in dedicated server you only live alone (your family) in the entire house, as for the shared hosting it is probably you are renting a room in a house so if there are example 4 rooms there are 4 people sharing under one house.

Both have its own advantages and disadvantages. (below are some)

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December 22, 2010   No Comments