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How do I pay for your service?

For Local (Philippines) Clients Please deposit any payment to China Bank Account.

- After filling up the form, our system will generate an invoice and will be dispatched automatically to your email specified on the signup. You then need to settle this payment to the bank info given. If you have questions about the amount generated on the invoice, you can call us anytime at our office number or email us.

After your payment please send us an email scanned copy of the deposit slip to [email protected]

For Singapore Clients Please deposit any payment to DBS Account.

- Email us to [email protected] then once we confirm the payment we will activate your account. The bank details will be email to you once you have completed ordering the webhosting package you wanted.


For our International Clients You can pay via PayPal.

After verification your account/domain will be setup usually the same day, VPS and Dedicated Servers require up to 24hrs to setup. If it took a long time please email [email protected] for more info.


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